I want to take a couple of minutes to address a cyber security issue that many of my clients near me, in New York and Fairfield counties bring up constantly.  Password Management.  Often times when we start consulting with a small or mid-size business that has been searching for tech support services for the first time, or even changing over from a less than stellar partner, we find out just how atrocious their password habits really are.  The industry doesn’t matter, financial services, legal, medical or manufacturing and the list goes on, terrible password policies that leave businesses vulnerable to hackers and open to costly compliance issues down the road.

The number one mistake that we at NST Systems see is the staggering number of employees that have the exact same password for everything!  I know it’s easy to remember your first born’s name and your house number, but believe me it’s easier for professional cyber criminals to hack, and when that combination is the key to every major business and personal account that you access, the repercussions could be devastating.

“No way I can keep track of a different password for every application and account that I have.”  I know, I’ve heard it before, but it’s a necessary step in protecting yourself for major financial loss.  So, what’s the solution? Well in a business setting, password managers are your best bet and we consult with all of our clients to get them set up with the solution tailored best to their business (I will focus a future post on commercial solutions).  However, these solutions are not free and require some getting used to. That is why I suggest utilizing the Google Chrome password manager (Smart Lock).  You see it pop up on every site you log into but are never sure if it is the right decision to run with.  While it is not an end all be all (won’t help with your non-browser applications) it is a great first step.  Just make sure each of your passwords is different and allow Google Chrome to remember them for you, increasing your security in one easy step!

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