How strong are your password polices?  Are you enforcing policies that include using numbers, letters and symbols?  Emphasizing capital letters?  Forcing changes every 6 minutes!  If you’re like the average small business than you have some combination of the previously listed policies, and you also probably feel confident that no hacker anywhere is going to be able to infiltrate PetnamE2006#, so confident in fact that you use it for every single application you use in both your personal and professional life.

Or let’s say you are one of the rare people who take cyber threats seriously and are a bit paranoid of having every piece of your life and business broken into and exposed to the world.  Maybe you use something random like “o*(97Ad%!f”, no one will ever be able to figure out that assortment of “fell asleep on my keyboard” that you came up with!  Right?

Wrong.  Everything you know about passwords and secure policies is more likely than not, false!  In fact, the password policies that we have been taught and told to follow for our entire life are actually some of the easiest to crack, the reason for this?  Complex scripts are run by Cyber Criminals that can easily push through countless combinations in an attempt to break into your network.  So then what is the biggest factor in determining password strength?  Length.  The longer your password the more difficult to crack into whatever it may be that you are trying to protect.  This ties back into my first post regarding password managers, as longer passwords are a bit tougher to remember however using a 6-word sentence will take a script exponentially longer to hit than a random assortment of keys and symbols 8 characters long.

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