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Encryption: Too Little or Too Much (Part 1)

Encryption is the process of turning regular text (or other data) from normal, readable format into unreadable cipher-text which can be safely sent across the internet and decrypted only by […]


How strong are your password polices?  Are you enforcing policies that include using numbers, letters and symbols?  Emphasizing capital letters?  Forcing changes every 6 minutes!  If you’re like the average […]

Internet of Things

The Internet-of-Things or “IoT”.  Have you heard of it?  Even if you have not, I’m sure you experience the IoT daily, it’s almost impossible to avoid.  The IoT refers to […]

Should You Let Google Chrome Save Your Passwords?

I want to take a couple of minutes to address a cyber security issue that many of my clients near me, in New York and Fairfield counties bring up constantly.  […]