Critical Security Risks

 Threatening SMBs Today

We’re in the business of keeping your business running at an optimal level. However, there’s a serious new risk that’s becoming more prominent every day: cybersecurity attacks.

Cybersecurity isn’t just a buzzword designed to create fear. Even as a small to midsize business, your company, employee, and customer data is one of your most valuable assets. For example, how would you feel if your price book was leaked to your customers? Or your customers’ sensitive credit card data was stolen from your database? These are real situations that can cripple your reputation and business. In fact, 60% of SMBs go out of business within six months of a cyberattack.

The smartest thing we can do as your service provider is to identify your greatest areas of risk for a security data breach. The most critical risks are not only within your IT environment, but in the processes, policies, and procedures that can leave you open to popular phishing and social engineering attacks.

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For Small -to Medium- sized Businesses

Critical Risks Exposing SMBs to Cyberattacks

We can’t afford to find out after a breach where you are vulnerable. By running a security risk assessment, we can identify critical areas to strengthen your security and develop a roadmap that fits your budget. Enterprise organizations pay upwards of $50,000 to have their risk assessed. Today, it’s very affordable for us to perform an enterprise-quality assessment of your business’s risk. Call us to schedule a risk assessment today!

Other NST Systems CyberSecurity Services Available 

  • Online End User CyberSecurity Awareness Training for your team
  • 24x7 Security Operations with MDR Capabilities (Manage, Detect and Response)
  • NIST Cyber Risk Assessment
  • Automation to inventory physical environment and identify risks at the asset level

NST Systems is offering a $1,000 savings on a NIST Cyber Risk Assessment. This offer is valid for new customers.