In recent years, Cloud computing services have been transforming the way businesses store, share, and access their IT. The cloud can offer benefits such as reduced costs, greater flexibility, security, and reliability. NST Systems can help you understand the cloud, develop a strategy with the security and software that’s right for you, and take you through every step of the process so you can focus your efforts on the things that drive revenue for your business.

cloud-computing-image-small-300x240What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is the delivery of computing as a service rather than a product, using shared resources as a utility over the internet.

Today there are four ways that cloud computing is delivered:

– Private Cloud

  • Private cloud is a virtual multi-homed distributed infrastructure operated solely for a single organization, whether managed internally or by a third-party and hosted internally or externally. A high degree of customization and service is available.

– Public Cloud

  • Shared Resources, like Google cloud computing, are available to the general public on a fine-grained, self-service basis over the Internet, from an off-site third-party provider who bills on a utility computing basis. A “one size fits most” approach is the most common, with some degree of parameterized customization usually available.

– Software As A Service (SAAS)

  • Dedicated Applications hosted centrally and delivered on a subscription basis.

– Hybrid approach to using Cloud services

  • Mix of service offerings best suited for the client (customer) needs and policy decisions. Offers the benefits of multiple deployment models.

“The cloud” is not for everything or everyone. For most businesses, certain software applications or data should be kept off the cloud. That’s why we specialize in hybrid cloud systems that let you enjoy all the benefits of the cloud, while allowing certain applications and information to stay on-premise. At NST Systems, security is our top priority. We’ll help you implement a custom hybrid cloud system that works best for your business – one of the most valuable, custom services available from any IT Support company.

What happens if the cloud goes poof?

Our NSTcare℠ Private Cloud Service allows you to replicate cloud-hosted data to your own office, because we recognize that you own your data. NST will never hold your data hostage.


If you are subject to Dodd-Frank, HIPAA, PCI Compliance, or you keep private/credit information on file, NST can help you review the legal implications and create a hybrid cloud system that maximizes utility, while maintaining compliance with regulations.