Custom Mobile and Web Applications


Access your information systems from any device anywhere.

NST Systems can develop custom data-driven web information systems and applications that will make it easy for your employees and customers to interact with your business on their laptops, tablets and smart phones. From managing financial portfolios, to field service updates or sales and inventory activity reporting, NST can create applications with functionality to suit your needs anywhere business takes you.

Why go mobile?

More than half of all web browsing is done via mobile phone and tablet devices. People are using mobile devices to read your web content, conduct searches, share links via social networks, and even make purchases. Now is the time to ensure that your web presence is optimized for any screen anywhere.

Geo location

Want to know the location (address) of your customer or staff at the time they filled out an order or status report form? Our geolocation-enabled apps can capture that information, along with time and other relevant info.